(Logical-mathematical intelligence)

  • Socratic dialogues to build critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.
    • These work particularly well studying history, civics, and social studies like the Big History Project.
  • Dual N-Back is a game scientifically proven to build raw intelligence (IQ).
  • Math Circles
  • Math eLearning:
    Khan AcademyDreamBoxALEKS MathManga HighPBS Kids Math
  • Coding eLearning:
    Code AcademyKhan AcademyScratch
  • Science eLearning:
  • Science explorations
  • Complex strategy games
  • The following DIY.org skills:
    • Engineering: Backend Dev, Cryptographer, Mathematician
    • Hacking: Bitster, Circuit Bender, Frontend Dev, Hardware Hacker, Open Sourcer, Scratcher, Sensor Hacker, Sys Admin
    • Philosophy: Philosopher
    • Science: Biologist, Botanist, Chemist, Entomologist, Geneticist, Geologist, Meteorologist, Ornithologist, Physicist, Zoologist