Amy Ewbank is a project manager for small, growth-stage companies. She began her entrepreneurial career in 2015 working with an early-stage company in the Texas Medical Center Accelerator, which gave her exposure to companies in many fields working through various obstacles that all companies face.

After successfully bringing that company’s product to market, she moved on to help other companies do the same. In that time, she has worked with multiple founders in the Houston area and the San Francisco Bay area to define and test their early business models, create product roadmaps, and leverage the limited resources of small teams to bring their first products or services to market.

Amy is also passionate about education. As a former tutor and traditional classroom teacher for both high- and low-income families, she has seen many different aspects of education from multiple viewpoints. The struggles she experienced on behalf of her students as well as her own challenges in her capacity as a teacher motivated her to change our teaching methods and our view of education. She has been working with Tory and the Microschool Revolution team since the fall of 2016.

Amy holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Rice University.